The Cridel Approach

Our unique and proven 5-step approach ensures you get the best possible solution for your specific application.


  1. Confidential Consultation:

    First we work with your product specifications to determine the ideal chemical composition for your application. We then take a close look at your manufacturing workflow to ensure our formulations will seamlessly integrate with your processes. At all times, your propriety business information is held in strict confidence and never shared whether or not you decide to proceed with product development.


  3. Development:

    Our in-house chemists use leading industry practices to create the precise formula that will achieve your product goal. A sample batch is then created. If applicable, we will suggest improvements and/or modifications to your equipment or workflow to optimize results.


  5. Testing & Refinement:

    We can test our formulations to specific benchmarks and/or provide you with samples for testing. All necessary adjustments are made at this phase before you commit to an order.


  7. Delivery:

    Cridel has the flexibility to cost-effectively mix different batch sizes as your production volumes fluctuate. Plus, we offer a wide variety of custom packaging options to ensure that your formulation is shipped in containers that are optimized for you particular storage and production environment.


  9. Support:

    We stand by the quality of our formulations and offer post-sale technical support to ensure that you are fully satisfied.